Chinese Dutch artist 旅荷华裔画家

About Sofie 画家简介

Artist Sofie Xie was born in Wenzhou China and comes from an artistic family. Her grandfather was the inventor of the handicraft Ou Su. Growing up in this artistic environment has enforced her interest in arts. In 1975, she was invited to join the first state owned art studio to work on traditional Chinese art crafts such as Wenzhounese coloured mud paintings “Ou Su” and wood fresco paintings. She leaves China in 1999 to move to the Netherlands, which highly influences her art.

The recent work of Sofie Xie expresses her continuous longing for being at home between China and Europe. A constant desire for the Netherlands and eternally homesick for China, Sofie Xie lives the culture of her homeland, but her art is shaped by the life in the Netherlands.

Sofie Xie is mostly inspired by meditation, music, dance and from the hazy poems of Yang Lian. All that stimuli awakes her curiosity and touches the deepest places of her soul and her senses for colours. The techniques Sofie uses vary from brushes to fingers to kitchen towels and spoons, just anything “that is close to me”, as she says.

Since her arrival in the Netherlands, Sofie has been inspired by the beauty of many things in her everyday environment. “And THAT is what I want to paint. I want to show the beauty I’ve seen in Holland, the precious feelings from my heart, how much I miss my home town” she says. Apart from that, Sofie wants to show her wish for world peace for all the species living on Earth.

谢泉画是温籍旅荷专业画家(SofieXie)。1953年出生在温州艺术世家,祖父谢新宝是瓯塑创始人,并精通雕.刻.书法.纸扎等艺术。父亲和叔父也一生从事艺术工作。她从小耳濡目染热爱艺术。1975年被选入温州市瓯塑厂,从事传统壁画工作。1993年个人创作瓯塑立粉画《百褔伴寿》參展由中共温州市委宣传部,温州市文化局,温州市文联等主辨的《纪念毛泽东诞辰100週年美术展》。 同年于香港金马广告公司多次参与灯具广告制作。

1999年移居荷兰后深受西方現代艺术思潮影响,爱上了現代抽象,並深入荷兰优秀艺术家中间,与他们共同创作。经过多年的探索和不断的创新让中国水墨之韵和欧洲色彩结构相融,既有东方的细腻和诗意,也有西方的动感和豪放,形成了独树一帜的艺术风格。近年来她的作品由荷兰鹿特丹百年历史的Liberty kunst画廊代售,2013年有幸登上该画廊网站的首页。2013年开始成为荷兰阿姆斯特丹Vault17現代画廊签约画家。,请查询Sofie Xie。
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